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VOICE! Workshops

VOICE! developed after intensive training in 2006 at CAIRH when I experienced a completely new way of relating to the voice – more personal, more connected with identity. The voice as a means of self-exploration as well as self-expression.


I began running workshops for people interested in developing a relationship to their voice, by connecting voice with bodywork, relaxation and self-development.


In many cultures using the voice – freely, without self-judgement – is the norm. I love working with people as they rediscover and explore forgotten voices; not necessarily the voice of choirs and control, but the natural, flexible voices which we all possess.



All work is currently via Zoom ...

Perhaps you know exactly what you're looking for in your voice: to extend your range, to find new sounds, to build confidence etc... Then 1:1 sessions may suit you as they allow a focussed intensive approach.

Individual sessions last 50 minutes, and I'm very happy to meet with you for an initial session to explore your hopes for your voice, and for you to begin to have a sense of the work and whether it's what you're looking for.


Working with Maggi has allowed me

to 'map out' the different areas of my voice and connect these to my body.

She has shown me the limitless fluidity of the human voice, and given me the

impetus and means to explore these areas as deeply and for as long as I wish.

This freedom has brought with it an intrinsic boost of vocal and physical confidence,

and these are all gifts that will stay with me forever. Thank you, Maggi.



Under covid I've currently suspended group work ...

In a typical workshop we give time to physical relaxation and body awareness, breath, listening, exploration of what we know of our voice, and movement to encourage our voices to explore further...


What joy to ‘give voice’ in such an open, supportive, and playful setting.

Excellent and inspiring teaching.

Fun, uplifting, instructional and thought-provoking.

Maggi creates an environment that invites even the shyest in.

These workshops have been magical ... much more than just a voice workshop.

VOICE! has also been used by:

Activity groups in mental-health organisations

Your course has given me the confidence to try new things.

Thankyou for a fantastic opportunity to express myself

 without fears or judgement.

This helps me to know that I have a voice.


Company away-days 

To develop team building, confidence and listening skills.

The thought of the workshop was terrorising – how wrong!

It was amazing, powerful and enjoyable.

Loved the support and the clear instructions.

Had a great day, really boosted my confidence.


Teachers: voice care & development 

Maggi’s voice workshop was great fun, very relaxing and

educational. Maggi teaches you how to recognise stress and

tension manifesting itself in our throats and how to release

that stress using simple techniques. Every teacher should warm

up their voices daily with Maggi’s workout!

Angela Dyer, HR Manager, Belle Vue Girls School, Bradford


Regular workshops for 55+ club 'Heydays'

at the West Yorkshire Playhouse.

Drama groups

Developing vocal skills and authentic expression.



My favourite room:

the studio theatre of the

The Roy Hart Theatre at Malérargues

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