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Lock down does not have to mean Silence.

In fact it can be a perfect time to develop your skills with gender-affirming voice work. 

Since Covid I have moved my teaching online - which means I'm now able to work with you wherever you are.

And I'm glad to report that clients are very happy with the experience, as you can read below.

"Maggi is a wonderful teacher. The techniques and exercises she taught me were super helpful for feminising my voice. She was encouraging and supportive, and working with her improved my confidence a lot. I would strongly recommend her lessons."

 "Maggi has helped me find my natural voice, giving my fragile confidence a huge boost."

"I found the technology very easy to use with good picture and sound quality. The content and quality of the session was in no way diminished by doing it remotely. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her new Zoom sessions to anyone wanting help with their vocal skills."

"Maggi is fantastic to work with - I doubt I’ve met anyone who enjoys what they do as much as she does. Really encouraging at the same time as challenging me to get to my goals. I would encourage every trans person to spend some time with her. She also happens to be a great listener."

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