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for voice teachers/ SLT's working with trans clients

Increasingly SLT's are being asked to work with trans clients, both in the NHS and privately, and it can be difficult to access good supervision if you have little experience in this field.

I've taught many hundreds of trans clients, both as voice teacher for 12+ years, in two NHS Gender Identity Clinics, and in private practice.

I have worked both with trans men and trans women though my work has been mainly with the latter. 

I have extensive training with the CAIRH (Centre International Roy Heart) on the extended voice, as well as many years of my own practice as voice teacher in theatre.

I am a qualified Therapeutic Counsellor, and ran a counselling service for 5 years where I provided in-house supervision. 

I am happy to work with individuals who want to access supervision privately, and with SLT's working within the NHS. 

For rates/availability/ any other enquiries, please see Contact page.

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